Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Wishing well

3 Wishes
If you had 3 wishes granted what would you wish for?
I will be transformed into a beautiful genie:-)
My wish is that we will have long and healthy lives together; that our love will continue to grow stronger, deeper and better as we grow together; I wish for financial security, money for travel, play and to share, as well as richness in adventures, friendships and joy.a healthy and loving relationship with my son
I would like to wish for the healing of my neice,
I wish I had millions and millions of pounds lol, enough to never worry about money again and help people
till next time...


Anonymous said...

since this genie came from you, ill compliment you 1st with one of my wishes:

1. may ate mel find serenity and peace of mind. Sana maging ok na xa inspite of her problems in life. May she be married to Matt in time. ;)

2. Sana I can be as sexy as ate Mel. hehehe.. im suffering from chubbiness ever since kxe. hehehe.. kaya sana mag lose weight kahit papano. lolz

3. secure the financial stability for my family for them to have the most beautiful life that a daughter could ever give ;)

Melody said...

wishes granted!!! hehehe
gosh, i didn't know how comfortable i am talking to you without b**.lol
thanks jackie,