Saturday, 17 November 2007

Teen arrested for stealing virtual furniture

I read a story lately that was really strange it was about a Dutch 17-year-old that got arrested for stealing virtual furniture from the rooms The Habbo Hotel,
The Habbo Hotal is a popular online teenager networking Web site where Habbo users can create their own characters, decorate their own rooms paying with Habbo Credits, but they have to buy the credits with real cash.
An Amsterdam police spokeswoman confirmed a report that the teenager was accused of stealing 4000 euros worth of virtual furniture by hacking into the accounts of other users.
Four other 15-year-olds were apparently questioned in the case,

So what did these virtual criminal masterminds they do with this virtual furniture I hear you ask! apparently they are suspected of moving the stolen furniture into their own online hotel rooms!

Wow 4000 euros worth of virtual furniture in there online rooms? that's about 50 times more then my real future costs in our real room.

While I can see that hacking into the accounts is very wrong the thing I wonder is isn't charging charging so much for furniture that doesn't actually exist also very wrong?

Thursday, 15 November 2007

In the belly of the beast

Dr. Brady Barr - National Geographic Reptile Expert
I happened to watch National Geographic Channel launches a documentary about Dr Brady Barr who decided to dress up himself as a Crocodile to get right up next to the other crocodiles living in the wild! wow that's an alternative~hands on approach,

The “croc suit” consisted of a protective metal cage covered by a Kevlar shield, and topped off with a life like latex cape, It wouldn't fool most humans but he had to hope it would fool the crocodiles as he is going to crawl up to a group of wild Giant crocs.
He need to get near enough o attach a scientific device to their backs!
This apparently happen in the country of Tanzania,

The crazy thing he was able to breath inside the hot tight suit, the thermometer read 120 degrees inside his body (hell yah, bloody hot)gosh,
I find it really crazy for him to be short distance away from the numerous hazardous crocs as well as with the most dangerous animals in Africa, the Hippo.,

Luckily for him the other Giant crocodiles that were all around him decided to adopt him as part of there group and even crawled right up on top of him,
I find him brave really to do that but how was it worth to do such bold experiment.,
Just to get so close and to be able to put a scientific tracking devise on a crocodile while not disturbing it is truly death defying act. Indeed, it was a successful experiment lop around in the mud and "pretend" to be a crocodile how about you? would you dare and consider to try it?

I found this trailer for the program, I love it when he says "Today I AM a crocodile"

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Five things

  • I was tagged to do this five-things-tag by Lj, of LADYJAVA'S LOUNGE
  • 5 things found in my room:-
  • Vanity Mirror
  • Air Con
  • Queen size bed
    The other pc, yeah
  • 5 things I’ve always wanted to do:-
    Explore the world
    Ride Jetsky on my own, hehe
    Improve my singing skills, yuck!
  • I love to buy aksesorizes(metallic bling, etch)
    Be a mommy
  • 5 things found in my bag:-
  • Wallet
    Blush on
    Revlon Lipsheer
  • 5 things found in my wallet:-
    Cash on hand
  • SM advantage cards
  • ATM cards
    Coins, lol
  • 5 things I’m currently into:-
    Watching Pinoy Big Brother, Season 2
  • Online money making
    Chilling out with my friends
  • Learning new songs
    And I get to tag five people, right? Heheeheh , I want to tag:Darlene, Jackie, Francine, Nux, Cbenc12, batang buotan
  • So There.,Thanks to LJ

Fly me to the moon.

Watching the moon landing videos of the moon landings from the late 1960's and early 1970's
is really interesting

And to be honest I have only just learned there were there were 6 manned Apollo Moon landings
  • Apollo 11 - July 16, 1969. First manned landing on the Moon, July 20.
  • Apollo 12 - November 14, 1969. First precise manned landing on the Moon, within walking distance of Surveyor 3.
  • Apollo 14 - January 31, 1971. Commanded by Alan Shepard, the only one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts to walk (and golf) on the Moon.
  • Apollo 15 - July 26, 1971. First mission with the Lunar Rover vehicle.
  • Apollo 16 - April 16, 1972. First landing in the lunar highlands.
  • Apollo 17 - December 7, 1972. Final Apollo lunar mission, first night launch, only mission with a professional geologist.

(and I'm sure you have all heard of the one that almost got there Apollo 13)

There is always a lot of talk and accusations on the Internet of how the Moon landings were partly or completely fake, and were hoaxed, and even though I do think that are governments do lie to us, it would have been a huge whopper of a lie especially to try and pull off 6 times, and apparently there are three retroreflector arrays left on the Moon by Apollo 11, 14 and 15. and apparently anyone on Earth with an appropriate laser and telescope system may bounce laser beams off these devices,

Just in case your interested below is a video clip of Buzz Aldrin or Buzz Lightyear as Ali G likes to call him punching a guy in the face after he accuses him of not walking on the moon and called him a coward and lier

Buzz Aldrin was one of the first to walk on the moon along with Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 mission, I have to admit if I had been all the way to the moon and back and someone said that to me I might do the same.

however it is a great shame that it has been so long since we last had a moon landing it would be amazing to see the video footage that would be possible with today's technology,
But there is hope the current U.S. Vision for Space Exploration calls for a human landing on the Moon no later than 2019 quite why they there is such a long wait I am not quite sure but its something, and I have heard there are plans of an extended human presence on the moon to help develop the capability to use it as a launch pad for deeper space exploration possibly human missions to Mars,

Another thing I read that sounded interesting is The Google Lunar X Prize competition offers a $20 million award for the first privately-funded team to land a robotic probe on the Moon.
I could do with the $20 million I wonder if I strapped a webcam and a transformer to a very large firework I might win the prize would have to be a very good shot :-)

Monday, 12 November 2007

Fun Quiz:-)

I've been watching Are You Smarter Than A 5TH Grader for awhile now, I even had an old post about this show, I find it cute because honestly some question of the program i didn't even know myself, im just laughing about it because of the thought that a 5th grader actually know the exact answers, clever eh? well anyways, i found this meme around the blogsphere and i just want to give myself a try and see how much do i know about these stuff It's also interesting how much you remember,
My score was 75%..haha! what's yours?

I tag anyone who wants to play!
till later....