Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Feeling a little destructive?

If there is a website that gets on your nerves or if you get a little board surfing the web is a website that will help you cause a little or a lot of destruction to your chosen webpage,
you can shoot holes in a webpage or if you prefer you can can destroy the webpage with a chainsaw or a Dinosaur and a lot more
if your feeling nasty you can get things to poo or wee on your site, like this cow below having a plop on my other blog
it's really quite fun and simple to do just go to there site and enter the url of a page that you have targeted for disaster and don't worry the damage isn't permanent so have a bit of fun destroying some webpages.

Light blubs in a microwave disco time....

Come and see the most light bulbs ever shoved in a microwave totaling one dozen. This is the ultimate electrodynamic Microwave bulb event. Hurry and watch before there is nothing but leftovers.

I did not know that light bulbs lit up in a microwave! but then I normally put food in, :-) It's Probably best not to do this in your own microwave sometimes they explode, it's probably not worth burning your house down to watch light bulbs light up but it is fun to watch when other people do it.

I spent hours last night when I was bored looking at the strange things that people were putting in microwaves it included tubes of tooth paste, soap, lit candles in glasses and people seem to have a vendetta against Furby the kids toy they were being destroyed in various ways including be toasted in the microwave, it was quite scary to watch the Furby fry it reminded me of the a scene from the Gremlins when one of the Gremlins get killed in the microwave.

it seems like a strange and dangerous addiction to some people. well it takes all kinds but not sure if i would trust them alone in my kitchen.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Will The iPhone Work Here?

The touch- screen three-in-one device (iPod, computer, cellphone) debuted last june 29 in the U.S. The iPhone features a large display to see everything better, WIFI for surfing at coffee shops, a camera to take snapshots, and a unique "multi-touch" control scheme that lets you do everything with your fingertips. That's why there's only four physical buttons on this gadget.If you flew to the US and brought back an iPhone, would it work here? the answer is a categorical no. The iPhone is currently designed to work only with the networks of AT&T, the partner of apple. If you're out of the US- you can't call or text anyone. No, you can't swap out the SIM: it's built into the device.
Yes, you can still use the iPhone's music playback and web surfing capabilities. But who wnats to pay hundreds of dollars for that? If you're really interested in the iPhone, I suggest wait until A pple makes it available locally in 2008.