Saturday, 28 July 2007


the scented stuff
Hugo Woman, launched in 1997 as a floral, oceanic fragrance for women is certainly distinctive and unusual, fresh and floral ...

When in need of a reliable makeup brand, you can always count on Revlon. Revlon’s long lasting color stay products are the new must have. Halle Berry’s looks amazing in those ads for the Color Stay foundation with soft flex comfort technology. Other must haves from the color stay line include the blemish concealer and undereye concealer. Both are essentials to achieve that flawless look that Halle does so effortlessly.

I'm a little bit obsessed with this hottest trend, just a few months ago, i had a peek at nice sensational collections of make up but i think i'ts still worth to think before spending money on expensive things like this unless if they do keep their promises!
Be Beautiful and Stay Beautiful, lol

The biggest mistakes that women make: Jumping on trends they aren’t comfortable in.
“If a trend strikes a chord with you, then try it. But if you don’t care about fashion, then don’t try it,” she says. “Know your own taste and buy the things that make you feel good.”

Would I buy this product again? Yes, I probably would, even though it isn't perfect. Revlon prices aren’t cheap, but no quality product is. my friend bernie is one of the many users.. She is pretty, Isn't She?

crazy simpson

We have just gone to watch the Simpson movie, It's amazing they have waited 18 years to hit the big screen, maybe the rating of the Simpson TV series have dropped possibly that’s why they have finally released the film but still pretty funny! for me,not it was the best intellegent animated movie , I love Arnold Schwarzenegger as president of America and his best quote "I was Elected to LEAD and not to READ" I Was just exploding laughing lol awesome and freaking hilarious, I also thought an R rating watch out for the nudity :-) The Simpson’s Rock, Yeah!

The Simpsons started in 1987 as a series of shorts and continued through 1989. As this was their birth, the characters are delightfully cruder than the more recent shows with pointier hair and features, etc.

The Simpsons is famous for current world issues. They are able to change jokes up to about week before the show airs even if actual episode is created 9 months ago. In terms of blackboard gags at the beginning of the show, those are usually done right before air time. They can write that day before it airs.( I Love the blackboard gag...I must not make pirate copies of the the start of the film) It takes one day to record voices for the characters.

main characters:

homer simpson- his favorite foods are Donuts, Pork Rinds Lite, Krusty Burgers, and any pork product.

marge simpson-Specialties: Marshmallow squares, mounds of jello.

bart simpson- Age: 10.

maggie simpson- First Word: "Daddy".Downfall: Occasionally drinks from the dog's water bowl, low dexterity, falls over easily.

The Simpson's may be a dysfunctional family, but there our dysfunctional family.