Saturday, 18 August 2007

the beauty of life, right before your eyes,
thanks for sharing this to me, lhot..


My name: melody/melly/harmony:-)
Ambition: idealistic/brilliant social entrepreneur
Fondest memory: it was in laguna, hot spring! where i celebrated my 18th birthday with my sistah and relatives, the next day i was hired, for my very first job
Soundtrack: Till I Met You
Retreat: listening to the songs i downloaded' reflexology at home
Wildest dream: to travel aroud europe
Proudest moment: i was able to cope up unbearable problems, stand still through the test of time
Biggest challenge: able to supressed my temper if needed
Alarm clock: dont like to have one', disturbing lol.,even my phone was in silent mode i set myself to wake up on time.
Perfect day: when it's sunny day in here., matt's love to sit in and get some tan, i started to appreciate the weather in here., used to hide in the umbrella ,i'm no longer paranoid even i get more brown
First job: production operator.,/ quality control
Indulgence: be annoying and bossy to matt., i'm joking, i liked salads a lot..yum yum
Last purchase: celine sandals
Favorite movie:the client, aquamarine, etch.......
Inspiration: family(both), they were the reason why im existed and is still breathing,...
My life is: full of surprises and adventures..
My card is:"flash", lol

Again, thanks lhot for this "tag thing", it's great,hope it's not yet too late to get this done., it helps to discover ourselves.. a little bit more.,

You have accomplished: able to help even a bit to some of my family, i had proved myself in the past that I'm self sufficient and can be a business woman
Disappointment: things i haven't done any thing yet..hayzzzzzzz sorry didn't mention it in particular
Where you spend your time on: on the PC., I'm just hogging most of the time Matty's PC, i got mine but few things missing, power pack,
You have neglected: not able to attend the ministry sometimes., hope I'm forgiven
You have collected: i get bored easily with things so i would say I'm not fond of collecting at all..
Item you take care of: i lost Revlon lip color sheer maybe because they were tiny., i learned to keep it safely by now CZ it's not worth buying again
Moment you were happy: I'm happy each day
Angry you've been: I'm to short temper, when im having hardtime looking up , things that are important to me
You have cried: i have cried silently for some reason..
Pain you've experienced: i cut my hands once for being clumsy , i felt also the pain from the story of love oiiiii nag emote c mama
You have been teased about: my back, mylene said, stand straight! cant help, it
Prettiest time you've felt: every now and then
Ugliest time you've felt: i dont look too good., because of stress., which cause to have an eye bugs, who would be? lol
You've been loved by: both sides, lovely families , to some people who seems to care
You loved: wonderful kapamilya, wondeful people
Word you used:" in the end of the day", which normally englis people would say. nahawa or na corrupt joke
Item you've used: ball pen, tapes, pen tel pen, etch..everyday
Food you made: pasta bolognese, quick and easy to cook
Amount you have spend in one time: oh, eaten out with mylene, Lorie and me but it was shared so it's o.k not much
You have spend on: mendrez bag, a gift for my sistah
You have screamed: i am screamer when i get too wind up
Game you have played: web of words, bowling games, mario 64 hehe mibalik ug kabata...

i would like to pass this tag to anyone excluding myself, loll it don't make sense...

Friday, 17 August 2007

Did Ya Know?
-some hilarious facts

What is called a "French kiss" in the English speaking world is known as an "English kiss" in France?

In sleeping, we burn more calories, than watching t.v

More than 90% of shark attack victims survive?

The Green Card is actually pink?

The word "coffee" was once a term for wine?

Cats are able to walk directly on their claws?

In the year of 1880's the word "pants" was considered a dirty word in England

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

One of the many little things that i find it funny when Boyfriend Matthew say potatoes, instead of lanzones i cant help but laugh at it..

oh another thing I'm crazy about Matt he is a phenomenal dancer, let me show you one of his
admirable jazz splits:-)

Joke, Joke, Joke!!! Just for a laugh

The Staff Party

(Man staggers though the door late at night.)
Wife: Where the Hell have you been !!! what the Hell have you been doing all this time?
Man: I don't know what your problem is We had the staff party tonight I had to go all of my office mates were there, it would have been embarassing if I did'nt go.

Wife: Your completely Pissed again, your always drunk I have had enough of this!!!

Man: I'm not drunk I hardly drunk anything, why is it you always try and say that I'm drunk?

Wife: I will tell you why I think your drunk, How can you have office mates? you Don't even have a Job!!!!!!!!

The Dream

1st neigbor: What’s wrong with you today Jack, you look really sad is everything ok?
2nd neighbor:
Yeah I’m feeling a bit down, I had a dream last night I was on a paradise beach the sand was soft and fine and there were 20 sexy 18 year old girls that were going skinny dipping in the crystal clear warm sea.
1st neigbor: Well why are you sad then! That sounds like a fantastic dream?

2nd neigbor: Yeah you would think, But I was one of the Girls!

Thats it For Now, Joke for the Day:-)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Better Than Homegrown?

Are Filipino guys more traditional? If so, does that mean their values
are more intact than that of foreigners?
-My impression is, because they leave home a lot earlier, family ties are not as strong with foreigners. that's both good and bad.

Is the stereotype true that Westerners have a less of a sense of spirituality?
-that's a false generalization

What about a foreigner's view of commitment in a relationship.?
-It has been always a mutual thing. I think culture doesn't matter. If one isn't ready, one isn't ready.

How are they as mates- are they jealous, possessive?
-I think it depends on how much self confidence your partner has jealousy can play a big part in any relationship, trust is normally a two way street if you can both feel trust for each other you have a lot better chance of making it work.

Is it true that normally a stronger woman is better of with a foreigner?
-Well There do seem to bit a lot of shy quite girls that are in happy mixed relationships.
I think it's more about how the couples personalities mix, however I would say that if you are a strong confident person it would be easier to overcome cultural differences..

oh well i'm speaking on my own perspective.,ill pass this to the three beautiful ladies, bulak, lotis, and darlene. And to my newly aquiantance, francine from france:-)

A Day Out with friends.

Mylene, the giraffe., joke! She is a hands on mum and looking after to her new baby boy(norweigian).I could say she is the unpredictable one., she can still wear a smile even then she got problem inside., that's one thing i like about her CZ then there is not much point for us really to be drama drama he he., we hardly had sad moment because we can't help but just laugh each other, She surprised me earlier when she came round., this time i cant make up excuses, he he .. haven't seen her for awhile so in a way, it was a good surprise to see her, along with my other friend Lorie, We used to call her bangs, oops side bangs i mean he he.

but before Lorie came, mylene had fun playing the web of words, she didn't have a hard time making up a word in fact she was very good at I'm impressed! So then, we decided to eat somewhere after but hence there is a res to, nearby we just went there to get some drinks and sing for karaoke., it wasn't bad , the food is good even it's raining a's nice to know that there are people liked my company ,,I'm not really a boring person to be with :-),. though some times i can be a loner.. it's one good thing to socialize with friends that you trusted.,There maybe a times when we give a "cold shoulder " to each other but we managed somehow to sort our differences after!
we have things in common to enjoy so even when we have not seen each other for a while it's easy to get along... She always makes us laugh whenever we wind up , teased, and she say grow up girl's , Cheers!!!

Little 6 year-old Connie is a Star.

Little 6 year-old Connie is a Star.

Little 6 year old Connie took part in 'Britain's Got Talent' a hit show that was on a while ago in the UK, she didn't win but she did get to the final. and she is so cute, the nice thing is she does not seem at all pretentious, I hope she has a very bright future.