Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Better Than Homegrown?

Are Filipino guys more traditional? If so, does that mean their values
are more intact than that of foreigners?
-My impression is, because they leave home a lot earlier, family ties are not as strong with foreigners. that's both good and bad.

Is the stereotype true that Westerners have a less of a sense of spirituality?
-that's a false generalization

What about a foreigner's view of commitment in a relationship.?
-It has been always a mutual thing. I think culture doesn't matter. If one isn't ready, one isn't ready.

How are they as mates- are they jealous, possessive?
-I think it depends on how much self confidence your partner has jealousy can play a big part in any relationship, trust is normally a two way street if you can both feel trust for each other you have a lot better chance of making it work.

Is it true that normally a stronger woman is better of with a foreigner?
-Well There do seem to bit a lot of shy quite girls that are in happy mixed relationships.
I think it's more about how the couples personalities mix, however I would say that if you are a strong confident person it would be easier to overcome cultural differences..

oh well i'm speaking on my own perspective.,ill pass this to the three beautiful ladies, bulak, lotis, and darlene. And to my newly aquiantance, francine from france:-)



hello :-) perfect mn jd ang mga tubag oy :-) i'll do this tomorrow dai.amung conection karong taknaa daw bao nga way kaon isa ka bulan perte jd hinaya.

You take care & I know Holy Guardian Angels are guiding you. :-)

Melody said...

hi raine, it's o.k just take your time and it's nice to hear from you..bringing up a subject like this is something controversy ..oi pang celebrity diay, lol

i am looking forward to read your anwers., thanks again. look after yourself have a nice day..

lotis said...

this one is intersting ah.. sowe kau now lang nako nahalungkat ni, quiet busy here.. thanks for this mel.