Saturday, 18 August 2007

the beauty of life, right before your eyes,
thanks for sharing this to me, lhot..


My name: melody/melly/harmony:-)
Ambition: idealistic/brilliant social entrepreneur
Fondest memory: it was in laguna, hot spring! where i celebrated my 18th birthday with my sistah and relatives, the next day i was hired, for my very first job
Soundtrack: Till I Met You
Retreat: listening to the songs i downloaded' reflexology at home
Wildest dream: to travel aroud europe
Proudest moment: i was able to cope up unbearable problems, stand still through the test of time
Biggest challenge: able to supressed my temper if needed
Alarm clock: dont like to have one', disturbing lol.,even my phone was in silent mode i set myself to wake up on time.
Perfect day: when it's sunny day in here., matt's love to sit in and get some tan, i started to appreciate the weather in here., used to hide in the umbrella ,i'm no longer paranoid even i get more brown
First job: production operator.,/ quality control
Indulgence: be annoying and bossy to matt., i'm joking, i liked salads a lot..yum yum
Last purchase: celine sandals
Favorite movie:the client, aquamarine, etch.......
Inspiration: family(both), they were the reason why im existed and is still breathing,...
My life is: full of surprises and adventures..
My card is:"flash", lol

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