Friday, 3 August 2007

AreYou Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Been watching this show couple of times, honestly, i'm like a nuts sometimes not able to answer first grade questions myself, lol. That little girl laughs quite annoying… I can’t believe this guy! I don’t think he was dumb, maybe he was in a pressure to get the answer right and blanked out or maybe he was dumb!well, what do u think are you smarter than a 5th grader? if so, this question is for you, this is a recent question a first grade world geography,
What is the continent that is also a country?

My Two Mum's

(for d first time:-))
My Two Mum's

Although i lost my mother i found the virtuous woman on her being..she is my english mother to -be:-)

I'm quite sad though while writing this coz i havent even visited my mums grave for long time. maybe it was timely for me to once again reminisce the goodness of my mum she has shown to me. I've been tagged by lotis for the first time, she is a dearly friend of mine, through this i'll be able to share...

My Mum used to be a quiet type of person.. she does household chores most of the time even without my help, she just let me get away with it maybe because i was the youngest of the family..

My grief over the loss of my mother was a difficult journey of self-examination that began with extreme denial. She is gone from this world forever. Meet her in heaven some sweet day. Suddenly, my mother's presence entered on my being. Her presence was so strong and lovely that I didn't need any of my senses to know she was there. I CHERISHED the moment with my mum. I was young then when she died. i'm scared at first ,what it was like to lose a mother as a younger person, i didnt have a chance to speak my fears and uncertainties to her..I went through all the stages of grief,....

Time, they say is a great healer and with time I began to heal. Slowly, I went forward with my life, trying to be the kind of person she would be proud of.

The bond that matt and his mum i could say is infinite, deep, and can never be broken. even i havent met her yet, it seems like ive known her from before, smilarly we liked to chat blah blah blah:-).. weve spoken a few times on skype, thanks for taking time and the caring, always looking forward to meet you some time in the future..

My mum's indeed, was my sense, my courage, and my rock for life.