Friday, 11 January 2008

American Idol The New Season 7 Starts.

In a few days time Jan 16th Season 7 of American Idol starts as you can see from above me and Matt have decided to be contestants :-) I think one of us would have won it this year if it wasn't for the fact that nether of us are American!

Oh well guess its back to singing in the shower, looking forward to the new season I think the episodes at the start of the season with the auditions are the best ones you always get some of the weirdest people in the whole of the US that are completely tone deaf with some strange delusion that they are superstars.

For those of you that watched last years Season I sure you remember Jordin Sparks the winner of last years season she seemed very sweet and had a great voice, just a shame her album wasn't quite as good as she was on the show.

And Blake Lewis the beatboxer who came 2nd and has just released his album called Audio Daydream I have downloaded it but haven't really got round to listening to it properly yet, I loved his version of Jamiroquai's-Virtual Instanity on last years show.

So will be interesting to see what this years shows brings should bring a few laughs at the start of the season anyway.