Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Crazy talking pics.

(Not sure if this will work in Firefox)

As you my have noticed above is not a normal video it was a photo that I had stored on my PC I found some software on the net Called Crazy Talk 4.5 made by Reallusion it's really, really good you can get one of your normal photos talking as a real life aviator in minutes its really easy to use but has loads of features you can make your face happy, sad, angry, surprised etc and add teeth or new eyes and even change sutle little facial expressions and the lip syncing bit is really easy too you can use the voices that are on the software or record your own voice and it auto lip syncs your picture to the words, if you haven't yet click the little green play button above for an example.
So making the video from was the easy part getting on my blog was a lot harder it's easy to make the pic into AVI video and Windows Media Video and you can make e-cards and add it
to messenger and it also give you the HTML code to put in websites but the HTML code did not work in blogger so had to get a free hosting website got mine with 000webhost and put the HTML files on there then and to make a link from that website to Blogger bit of a pain in the Bum but got there in the end :-)
Only trouble is if your looking at this blog with a Firefox browser the video probably didn't work
hopefully if your using explorer it will have. I will have to try and find a fix for firefox. I think they have just released Talk 5 so hopfully they will make it easier to put in blogger and fix the firefox problem.

if you want a speaking aviator another choice is sitepal in my option it not as good as Crazy Talk
but is web based and is really easy to fit Into your blog.
and it does have very good lip syncing and loads of characters to choose from only problem is at the moment you can't add your own pictures.
here is an example of one of the SitePal Aviators

Neither Crazy talk or SitePal are that cheap however, Crazy talk is software to download and the cheapest version is $49.95 and for SitePal you have to pay monthly the cheapest is the bronze account is $9.95 a silver account

However a handy little tip is you can get a free basic account of SitePal if you sign up for a free Bravehost account which is great to get for free and fun to play with.