Saturday, 3 November 2007

If you could only choice one PC or TV?

The Television has become a necessity to have for most of us and at some point in the day most of need to sit and get our daily fix but over the past few years a PC at home has also become very, very important to a lot of people especially now that the Internet has grown so much and become so easily accessible,
I when I think about it I find it very hard to prioritise which has become more important to me, and I wonder to myself if I had to live in a world where only one of these technologies were invented and if it was only possible for me to have one of these in my home which would I choose the PC or the TV?
I know that nowadays you can quite easily watch TV programs using you PC but to make it fair maybe to pretend this option was not possible, so it was just a decision between a TV or a PC connected to the Internet?
I think I would have to lose the TV and stick with a PC.
It wouldn't be easy I do love the TV and find it very hard to imagine a life without a TV in the house, But the fact is that a PC connected to the Internet is just so much more useful, it has opened up a whole host of possibility's we can use it to communicate i don't even have a phone line as I use mine for all my phone calls, you can use it to play games and you can use it to work and make money,
no matter how much I watch TV I doubt anyone will ever pay me money to do it!
So sorry TV but you would be the one that would have to go,
However it is possible that after a few months I would regret that decision.
I hope I never have to choose out of my TV and PC, may we all have a long happy life together.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Hunt for rapist that has simply disappeared.....

"Dispute a intensive worldwide search and huge teams of investigates attempting to track down a rapist they have been unable to find him and it seems he has simply disappeared a police spokesman said that they have no leads and said that he may have gone into hiding but said they think it's possible he is a creature of habit and it is possible he might be closer than people think"

A TV news reporter showing a composite sketch of a rapist. ... poor news guy they do look so similar , People have their own perceptions on what are significant traits to differentiate one person from another. That is why an artist's sketch almost never looks like the intended individual if compared side by side, shame on a reader, I wonder if police investigated the reporter after watching the news?, wonderfully ironic.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Virtual Clothes

I found a new way of getting myself new clothes at least virtually , If you really want a new dress but can't really afford it, all you need to do is cut your head off and stick on the dress:-) Just did it in paint shop pro, I found some found some dresses in Internet,

As you see, the head don't look right on the dress its just a quick job and its fun to do, so Who says that the camera doesn't lie, its one thing give you an ideal what dresses might suit you without going on the changing rooms to fit them on.
I probably never buy either of the dresses in real life, I'm embarrassed to show off that much of my cleavage but as its not my body, i suppose there is not much to be ashamed..In the future it would really nice to get an elegant dress to wear them on whenever there is a posh occasion.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I'm sad to say that I was never really outspoken to show off my love for my Mum, I might not say it verbally, but deep inside I know I love her, and I was just being pain in the bum when I was younger, she was a cool hands on mum, I wish she was still alive for me to make up all the faults, shortcomings I've done in the past, and she see me how I have grown up and struggle then living now with flying colors, surely she must be happy for me for what I am now, I never had a clue how to live without a mum at younger age, perhaps her strength is within me, helping me to overcome the hardship of life, even on the darkest moments I knew she is there for me, if only I could turn back the time I should have told my mum as often as I can how much I love and cherished her, I hope that in time well be together again,
I really feel that if we live with the memory of people close in our hearts part of them lives on,
At the moment I am so in touch with my mother in law to be, we exchange text most of the time and I could say , she is the sweetest ugangan, Darlene ask me about this so thought I would write a bit in dedication to my Mum.

Monday, 29 October 2007

I am GROWN~UP now, really?

This is the only memorable pic i had taken on my graduation., i got an english webster dictinary for best in science, dawww and first honorable mention. my sister scan this for me.

I was a flower girl in my sister's wedding held in grace mankilam gospel church, in tagum davao..

This is me, at the age of 18th, yes and i celebrate my debut here in manila, in my auntie's house, the next day after i got hired for my first job.

Yeah, skinny

this is me now, taken in my friend's house, she ask me to come over because vicky, long lost friend lol, finally come out in the shell, lol i mean she just arrived from australia with her hubby and baby boy

  • Thank you SEXY DARLENE for awarding me the Creative SITE AWARD! /AMAZING BLOGGER It is a pleasure and I am very honored!
Here are the bloggers I'd like to pass this along to: JACKIE, KEEYIT, LADYJAVA, CBENC12,MARZIE, FRANCINE.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Cellphone Fever~Lol

  • If I remember, i had a motorola, my very first phone. i just can't remember how long ago, and what my phone looks like so i cant put a pic in here lol. Then if i'm not mistaken i pay installmenplan to my landlady for my second phone when i'm working in electronics in cavite, it was very helpful to keep in touch with my family and friends, coz i was away at home to work:-(
  • I sold my second one, but got no payment from it. (haay long story po) so, this is my third phone looks like, slide samsung, but sold it again to a friend, yay!

  • I switch to nokia again, coz it has a special features :-) unfortunately, i lost it in my bag, when i commute going to work:-) then after matt give me another used nokia phone that he have but i lost it again for being so clumsy. its really heartbreaking coz for me it has a sentimental value and also i lost all important messages , contacts as well, huhu..poor me:-(
  • Here we go again, i bought a cheap one this time, it's just nice to have one, coz it's handy. i had it for 2 years, tagal di ba? i felt contented nah..
  • My Current phone, and it's general features:Announced in 2006 , official announcement on the 26 September 2006
    eGSM 900/1800/1900, WCDMA 2100
    Battery type 970 mAh Li-Ion (BL-5C)
    Battery life:
    talk mode from 180 up to 240 minutes
    standby mode from 135 to 250 hours
    Full recharge takes 2 hours
    High-contrast graphical display, 262000 colours (TFT), the resolution of 176x208 pixels, size 35x41 mm
    5 dimensional navigation button
    Run by Symbian OS version 8.1a (interface of Platform 60 ver 2.6)
    Frontal VGA-camera
    2-MP camera (CMOS), resolutions supported are 1600x1200, 1024x768, 640x480 pixels, integrated flash works within the distance of up to 1.5 m, anti-red eyes effect, scene setting, lighting tune up, digital zoom x20
    Video is recorded with sound and in various resolutions - 352x288, 176x144, 128x96 pixels
    Weight: 126 gramms
    Dimensions: 108.8 x 53 x 17.5 mm
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