Saturday, 3 November 2007

If you could only choice one PC or TV?

The Television has become a necessity to have for most of us and at some point in the day most of need to sit and get our daily fix but over the past few years a PC at home has also become very, very important to a lot of people especially now that the Internet has grown so much and become so easily accessible,
I when I think about it I find it very hard to prioritise which has become more important to me, and I wonder to myself if I had to live in a world where only one of these technologies were invented and if it was only possible for me to have one of these in my home which would I choose the PC or the TV?
I know that nowadays you can quite easily watch TV programs using you PC but to make it fair maybe to pretend this option was not possible, so it was just a decision between a TV or a PC connected to the Internet?
I think I would have to lose the TV and stick with a PC.
It wouldn't be easy I do love the TV and find it very hard to imagine a life without a TV in the house, But the fact is that a PC connected to the Internet is just so much more useful, it has opened up a whole host of possibility's we can use it to communicate i don't even have a phone line as I use mine for all my phone calls, you can use it to play games and you can use it to work and make money,
no matter how much I watch TV I doubt anyone will ever pay me money to do it!
So sorry TV but you would be the one that would have to go,
However it is possible that after a few months I would regret that decision.
I hope I never have to choose out of my TV and PC, may we all have a long happy life together.

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Anonymous said...

ill go for PC. u can do loads of things with it. unlike when u turn the television on, ull just be sitting infront of it.