Sunday, 4 November 2007

Windows on our tables? Microsofts new Milan PC

Years ago if someone said the word 'Windows' most of us would have thought they were talking about those things on our houses that let us look outside, but nowadays we are just as likely to think of Microsoft's PC operating system,
maybe in years to come when we say 'table' is going to mean a lot more then the place we put our coffee cup's, recently Microsoft unveiled it's Microsoft surface tabletop 'Milan' computer.

it's a bit like those old space invaders tables that you found in some bar's but a million times more clever, it's a table top PC that will be able to do all the things that you are doing with yours at the moment and more, firstly you can throw the mouse and keyboard out of the Microsoft 'windows' you will be able to use yours hands to to do all of the things that want to do,
say you want to upload some pictures to you PC simply place a wifi compatible camera on the screen and the picture will appear on the screen imsently then using your hands you can more re-size it and put it in any folder you like, and in the same way in the future surfing the web will possible in just the same way,
and one of the greatest advantages of this technologies plus more than one person can use it a time, which could totally change the way we use our PC's forever,

it will however be a while before most of our are able to get one of these to play with in our home's it's going to be the business world that first has access like T-mobile who are going to use the new PC systems to help sell there phones you will be able to get information about the phones and more more just by putting the phone on the table,
at first the price tag is going to be quite large as in around $10.000 dollars but as this technology gets mass produced it the price tag should fall to price that hopefully won't be much more than a top of the range standard PC is.
it might be quite a while we see one with coffee cup rings and dinner plates on.

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~*~princess jackie ~*~ said...

look at how technology invades us.