Thursday, 8 November 2007

You've been X'ed:

I always love to watch Jamie Kennedy Show,Jk, is a pretty funny guy and a good character comedian the video below is a funny experiment that he did,
He is pranking (X'ing) some wine testers who think they are meeting a business man who is going to open wine shops in the same way that Starbucks have with there coffee shops,
however they then tell the wine testers that he has just had a jaw operation and has his jaw wired open but is still going to join them tasting the wine :-)

I couldn't stop laughing when he spills it all over himself, and spits it on the woman next to him, I think he acts at being drunk very well, I LOVED when he stared at them.. and started screaming, There was also a very funny episode when he X'ed a boy band saying he was replacing one of the members of there band, but I can't find that Video at the moment if I do I will post it soon.

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Anonymous said...

naku ate, eto ung mga namiss ko d2 sa site mo. mga pasaway na videos. hehehe..mukang ewan ung babae. kawawa naman. uve been x'd! hehe ;)