Monday, 5 November 2007

OOOppss...It's ME!

Lj of ladyjava's lounge given me these awesome award a week ago, Many thanks Lj. I appreciate that. In turn I would like to pass this award onto some of my fellow bloggers. The awards in the blogsphere is getting interesting. . It's nice getting to know some wonderful bloggie, although we have not met in person yet, now i would like to pass this awards to the following sites that i have come to admire
jackie of the true essence of a princess life
Francine of la place de cherie
keeyit of keeyit's wonderful life
Darlene of mommy's gibbles gabbles
Lotis of In a class by itself
Pay Per Post has an area at the bottom of its main page on login that shows top earners for the day, month and all time.I found that I had just barely made it to the page for top earners of the day. . It's just nice to see my face there for a change:-)I took a screenhot yesterday before i get earsed, lol At Pay Per Post, I get to pick and choose the topics I love,it really make a real difference after the pagerank updated because it does give a way for payperpost to give me more opportunity and interesting products to blog for.


Andrew Ooi said...

Congratulations on getting to the top 10 list for the day. It's not an easy thing. I know. I only got into that list once :)

LadyJava said...

congrats girl... on the award and the top earner thing...


Trinity said...

congrats mel!! :-) so happy for you!

~*~princess jackie ~*~ said...

ate, with regards to ur award, naku ha. pang famas na yan. hehe.. dapat medal na ang sinasabit sau. ;)

anyways ate thanks po sa pagtitiwala nio sa mga post ko. i appreciate it tlga po.

loveyah ate mel.