Thursday, 29 November 2007

A new Super Hero Batdog.

A new Super hero has emerged in the crime fighting world so bad guys beware and his name is


ohhh poor doggie the look on his face :-( he really does look as if he is saying "why are you doing this to me"

He could always stop the super Villains by just making them feel sorry for him or by making them roll around in laughter.

We watched Underdog at the movies a little while ago, I though it was quite a good film, it's always such a good excuse to say your just taking your kids to see a film when really you want to watch it yourself, maybe Batdog could be Underdogs sidekick.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

How to get Lazy police there like a shot!

This newspaper article really made me laugh so please read it as I'm sure it will make you laugh too,

What a great way to deal with Lazy police, I find it so funny because my boyfriend Matt, had is old house broken into before and when the Police were rang they said they could not come until the next day,

The UK police have also said in the past that people breaking into your car and stealing things like the CD player is a (Non-reportable crime) how are they ever going to catch anyone if you can't even report it?.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Great free tool to check your Backlinks and there PageRank

Here is a great little free tool that can check and show you all your backlinks to your website or blog that has a link back to your blog,

The great thing about it is that it also shows an accurate indication of what the pagerank of those pages are,
it is really quick and easy to use it simply enter your full blog URL in the box below and click the "Check" button.
You might have more then you think :-)
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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Shopping Tips

Tag: Shopping Tips
I was tagged by Sting my new acquaintance, it's best shopping tips and with Christmas just aorund the corner hopefully they will come in handy so here it goes;

Start copy ~It’s very simple. When you receive this tag, copy the whole list and add your own shopping tip to the bottom and pass it on.

1. Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on.

2. When buying pants or jeans, try to try them on with a pair of heels so you know its the right length. If you don’t and wear it with heels later, you might find that it hangs at an awkward length.

3. Don’t just buy a designer brand because everyone has it or just to show it off. The best way of dressing is how to make a 50 bucks outfit looks like it worth more than 500 bucks. My Fashion World

4. Don’t wait until sales if you really like that particular piece of dress or shoes, as your size could be sold out sooner than you realized. Just buy if you really like it, cause there is nothing much we can do once it’s gone, especially when you shopping abroad. Everyday health and beauty

5. Don't care what brands they are, as long as they look good on me i will buy it, even is cheap stuff.

6. I’ll just buy the thing when I need, usually is late minute shopping.

7. Don't always must go for the latest fashion in the market , if it's doesn't suit you and doesn't look nice on you, don't follow.

8. Always check the expiry date of the food stuff that you buy. If it’s going to expire soon (for those with normal shelf life of a few years), it's probably not very fresh.

9. Prepare a list of what you plan to buy before you leave the house, especially when you have a young child along...

10.~Never go food shopping with an empty stomach you'll end up spending money three times more,
~Never try clothes on that you can't afford to buy...
~ End copy ~
So if you would like to add your own best shopping tips to this this and Tag anyone else that would be great.