Friday, 10 August 2007


DERAILED, a perfect old story ,been out in the cinema awhile ago but if you havent seen it ,it's worth watching, a lot of jennifer's aniston movie a little bit boring, like rumor has it, but this one is exception.. it's an action packed thriller with lots of twist and turns..ALSO, IT MIGHT MAKE MEN THINK TWICE BEFORE CHEATING ON THEIR WIFE IN THE HOTEL ROOM..., hope so..women are irresistable even the con ones, sorry guys, dont mean to patronize or what do u think?

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Wakee... wakeee.. hands off snakee heres a tag.

life in high school seems very routine.
here's how my adventure of my high school days goes:

what section were you?
commonly called section a

who was your adviser?
Ms. Beautiful Girl, I'm pretty sure she prefer it that way

how many were you in class?
roughly 40

who/was were your seatmate?
i only remember from the left side, lunatic Cristobal, loll it's sounds dumb coz i only remember the one that is miserable cow..anyway, he dont have any chance in reading this, hehe

still remember your English teacher?
oh, she is Mrs. Macquinto, she wants to greet her, good morning ma'am, with the right intonation pattern, my gluey!

what was your first class?
pehm..on our own adviser

who was your best friend?
not sure if she was...

had a boyfriend?
hidden crushes Lang eowww

what sports did you play?
no chance..I'm not an athletic person.

did you buy launch?
not very often

were you a party animal?
haha! nice term.. maybe i was but am not sure

were you well known in your school?
let me think..

skip school?
i'm a teachers pet? how can i do that.,lol

did you get suspended/expelled?
dont think so

can you sing the alma mater?
honestly, hardly remember

what was your fave subject?
math, I'm joking that's my Waterloo

what was your schools full name?
Banaybanay National High School

did you go to the dancers?
not interested

If i could back in time and do it all over, would you?
looking back, i could have done it differently, i would have more fun and relax because i cared too much for my grades then.

What do you remember most about fourth year?
island hopping with my classmates, went to national contest for the school band and won the 2nd place, tough try lol

fave memory in fourth year?
we spend night after night to practice the school band, i was interested in the musical band i played xylophone and drums sometimes, i enjoyed it a lot although it's tiring..

Worst memory?
the bond that we used to have in the group, fruit gurlz kuno, then eventually it was just down the drain....speak to you about it later

Where did you go most often for a break?
in the house..oopps I'm lost.. what was the question again..ah just starving now while writing., he he

what did you do on the last day of school?
just practicng some of the songs that were going to sing on the graduation day

how was your graduation?
it was o.k

got any honors/special awards?
some. in my sophomore year , and some recognition, my perseverance wasn't long enough, i end up one of the top 10 in the list, (something happen), lol oh i was in the school paper by surprised whoaa

Did you liked fourth year?
i's a mix of good and bad.. bully experiences heehaw

what year did you graduated?
ages ago

who posted this, before you did?
lotis, thanks again ..

I've got nobody to pass to.. signing off now, to watch t.v:-)

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Devil wears Prada.

"You say im a bitch, like it's a bad thing".

I Must admit I did love most of the wardrobe that they show in the film. hope that does not mean i'm going to hell! I never read the book (novel) ,The devil wears prada, Possibly you have seen the movie some would find it annoying, but on the other side it taught us who we are but not just what we wear it shows the shollow side of the fashion world dealing of pampered "snobs".

I love this classy..give you a look of a shopisticated young lady True success is not achieved by those who are smart or inconsiderate, by hard-baked egotists or psychopathic bosses … We gain by being generous towards those around us … When people do not perceive any competition, they themselves stop competing and instead start to co-operate, which everyone benefits from.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Job is becoming less boring when..,

I got my most boring job five years ago, doing the same thing,(eowww almost three years) every day, sitting the whole day working in the conveyor while running, we used to make floppy disk drive, but it's useless nowadays.., i find it challenging sometimes, CZ you come to learned lots of processes, like soldering, visual inspection, i could say its challenging though, if youre keen enough you be able to use your knowledge and skill more, but because i need to live to be able to help myself augment the expenses, still need to do the work that was given to you, which require lots of efforts and just to proved to the employer that you are self sufficient . their implemented rules like no look up and no chattering, was really intolerable..of course you cant help sometimes but to chat your co workers next to you., plus the robotype uniform that we wore were so uncomfortable just being wrapped up like a peruvian "mummy" , the whole afternoon ., staring all the stuffed that you need to get done to hit the target the whole's horrible when i need to go for night shift ,i'm usually assigned as a second process, or even the inputer most of the times..phewwww! i really felt the pressure for the group to be productive on that day, without "no good"/ reject.. its better off if the group make it so we can have extras/incentives...
nah, why am i talking crap in here, lol

This is the hardest one to assembled, big and not really good looking hehee, but some people prefer that one because it has loud sound, coming from the heavy, huge airpods like a donut.. it's good quality because the raw materials are coming from japan and taiwan, our product lines are
Microvibration motor, headphone, electrolytic capacitor, fdd parts assembly.. semiconductor company,(hai) hosokawa assembly inc., which owned by hoso san himself and passed the ISO'S standards.. (tuv)

Electronics, a consistent export leader, is projected to continue driving the export performance, with information technology playing the vital services and link as the trend moves towards the convergence of technology.

job jokesQ. Why is a BMW a banker’s favorite car?A. Because he can’t spell Porsche.

oh well, no worries. i decided to turn over a new leaf., no that's not what i mean, finally i got my profession changed..

if this post was a bit boring for you to read, spare a thought for me i had to work there:-)

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday!! In Advance Tomorrow will be your official birthday,
Old one now , sistahxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 6 August 2007

Pursuit of Happyness (money)

Pursuit of Happyness Scene

I feel the Pursuit of Happiness is a must see film for everybody I think you would have to be a very hard nut to crack not to be moved emotionally at some parts of the film, and the acting is faultless

It is based on the true story of a man named Chris Gardner and the low part of his life in the late 70's

Will Smith plays 'Chris Gardner' a Salesman that is struggling to keep his head above water when his wife leaves him and he is left with his son and then his luck gets even worse.

After a chance meeting with a stock broker Chris decides to go after an internship with a major stock brokerage firm,
But there’s a catch there is no pay for six months during the internship and he'll be competing with 20 other ambitious men and only one permanent position,

Chris knows if he gets the job he can make a good life however for the next six months he will have to work study and try and somehow find money to pay rent while looking after his boy.

His life hits its lowest point when he can't make the rent and becomes homeless with his son.
and Chris has to somehow try and excel in his job during the day and find a roof for him and his son at night.
Will Smiths real son (Jaden Smith) play his son in the film and his performance is superb and he is looking like he could be a big star in the future.

The undertone of the film is quite capitalist some could call it the 'Pursuit of Money' but Chris Gardeners main motivation is to try to guarantee the financial security of his family and it goes to show that when life deals us a bad hand some we have a chance to change that hand though sheer determination and self belief.

And this film is so well acted it's one not to miss.

Sickly Day

It's raining hard outside earlier, went out to get some shopping'. i think i caught some kind of bug(d'oh..)got sniffy nose and a bit colds. weather is awful at the moment. It rains occasionally but freaking hot sometimes, I'm not quite sure if it's flu season, i hope not..It's just shamed CZ my friend ask me to come round in her house just untimely i told her I'll make it up the next time..Sniffing,., coughing, ..gasp.., sorry to moan then blow my nose as often as possible letting the tissues file up.When we get sick, our body are under stress. It did by giving me fever, runny nose, stuffy head. I got headache at the moment just take some ibuprofen for my fever and decongestant for my cold. My fever has been breaking and repeating, laying on the bed all day in misery

Life is still good, ain't it?

Off to sleep now...

Sunday, 5 August 2007

I've been tagged for the very first time by lotis,(again, i mentioned) fair enough , i ought to make her one back:-) and apparently, I have to write at least three things(YEAH I MAKE IT ONLY EASY , BRIEF , LESS HASSLE) that people posibbly didn't know about me and then tag more than one people(only if i'm lucky lol). i just give this a try.. hope it don't upset the tagged ones to much.

I'm A Shameless Singer
ooopss! since when? just recently i was shy before,.. never even tried to sing once in the ministry that i used to attend in the province..then leah played wordly song.. i will come to you .."the hanson" i was singing too along with the music..ingon xa oi nindot man diay ka tingog, karon ra ko kadungog ha? hala i regards ko niya beh , salamat daan..

I love movies, esp. the scary ones/psychological chiller
Strangely, yes..most of my collection of vcds were horror films, like the descent, madhouse,ring around the rosie, the glasshouse..theyre not only scary but clever films has twisted story on its own.
Dont get me wrong i love romantic films too like fairy tales even i know its too good to be true, lol

I'm struggling to gain weight
hahaha! this made me laugh.. i know matt would disagree with this because most of the time im eating...friends would say sometimes, im skinny then fatty .. ay ewan bahala cla basta i know " Round is Shape":-)

Ok, so was that personal enough? I'd like to tag lotis, and bernie...