Thursday, 9 August 2007

Wakee... wakeee.. hands off snakee heres a tag.

life in high school seems very routine.
here's how my adventure of my high school days goes:

what section were you?
commonly called section a

who was your adviser?
Ms. Beautiful Girl, I'm pretty sure she prefer it that way

how many were you in class?
roughly 40

who/was were your seatmate?
i only remember from the left side, lunatic Cristobal, loll it's sounds dumb coz i only remember the one that is miserable cow..anyway, he dont have any chance in reading this, hehe

still remember your English teacher?
oh, she is Mrs. Macquinto, she wants to greet her, good morning ma'am, with the right intonation pattern, my gluey!

what was your first class?
pehm..on our own adviser

who was your best friend?
not sure if she was...

had a boyfriend?
hidden crushes Lang eowww

what sports did you play?
no chance..I'm not an athletic person.

did you buy launch?
not very often

were you a party animal?
haha! nice term.. maybe i was but am not sure

were you well known in your school?
let me think..

skip school?
i'm a teachers pet? how can i do that.,lol

did you get suspended/expelled?
dont think so

can you sing the alma mater?
honestly, hardly remember

what was your fave subject?
math, I'm joking that's my Waterloo

what was your schools full name?
Banaybanay National High School

did you go to the dancers?
not interested

If i could back in time and do it all over, would you?
looking back, i could have done it differently, i would have more fun and relax because i cared too much for my grades then.

What do you remember most about fourth year?
island hopping with my classmates, went to national contest for the school band and won the 2nd place, tough try lol

fave memory in fourth year?
we spend night after night to practice the school band, i was interested in the musical band i played xylophone and drums sometimes, i enjoyed it a lot although it's tiring..

Worst memory?
the bond that we used to have in the group, fruit gurlz kuno, then eventually it was just down the drain....speak to you about it later

Where did you go most often for a break?
in the house..oopps I'm lost.. what was the question again..ah just starving now while writing., he he

what did you do on the last day of school?
just practicng some of the songs that were going to sing on the graduation day

how was your graduation?
it was o.k

got any honors/special awards?
some. in my sophomore year , and some recognition, my perseverance wasn't long enough, i end up one of the top 10 in the list, (something happen), lol oh i was in the school paper by surprised whoaa

Did you liked fourth year?
i's a mix of good and bad.. bully experiences heehaw

what year did you graduated?
ages ago

who posted this, before you did?
lotis, thanks again ..

I've got nobody to pass to.. signing off now, to watch t.v:-)


lotis said...

na-enjoy kog basa mel; iba talaga ang talented no? hehe...

lotis said...

all i knew was you were very intelligent girl. it must be so fun to be in the school band and sch paper, mmmm...

Melody said...

to some aspects maybe, ikaw pod!

liked your belly dance diay,
a genie in the bottle,
but where belly dance origin from?