Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Devil wears Prada.

"You say im a bitch, like it's a bad thing".

I Must admit I did love most of the wardrobe that they show in the film. hope that does not mean i'm going to hell! I never read the book (novel) ,The devil wears prada, Possibly you have seen the movie some would find it annoying, but on the other side it taught us who we are but not just what we wear it shows the shollow side of the fashion world dealing of pampered "snobs".

I love this classy..give you a look of a shopisticated young lady True success is not achieved by those who are smart or inconsiderate, by hard-baked egotists or psychopathic bosses … We gain by being generous towards those around us … When people do not perceive any competition, they themselves stop competing and instead start to co-operate, which everyone benefits from.



i've watched da movie the devil wears prada bt she also used clinique lols. ur ryt f people will just stop seeing everything as competition, the earth will be nicer to live in except for the fact that global warming caused by people ra pd screwing the pipol pd nowadays. :-)

Melody said...

hi raine, liked your idea...yeah! bring it on gurl...:-)there is nothing wrong with fashion, but when theyre over the top just to ruin their life for the snobbery on the world of fashion is wrong,