Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Job is becoming less boring when..,

I got my most boring job five years ago, doing the same thing,(eowww almost three years) every day, sitting the whole day working in the conveyor while running, we used to make floppy disk drive, but it's useless nowadays.., i find it challenging sometimes, CZ you come to learned lots of processes, like soldering, visual inspection, i could say its challenging though, if youre keen enough you be able to use your knowledge and skill more, but because i need to live to be able to help myself augment the expenses, still need to do the work that was given to you, which require lots of efforts and just to proved to the employer that you are self sufficient . their implemented rules like no look up and no chattering, was really intolerable..of course you cant help sometimes but to chat your co workers next to you., plus the robotype uniform that we wore were so uncomfortable just being wrapped up like a peruvian "mummy" , the whole afternoon ., staring all the stuffed that you need to get done to hit the target the whole day..it's horrible when i need to go for night shift ,i'm usually assigned as a second process, or even the inputer most of the times..phewwww! i really felt the pressure for the group to be productive on that day, without "no good"/ reject.. its better off if the group make it so we can have extras/incentives...
nah, why am i talking crap in here, lol

This is the hardest one to assembled, big and not really good looking hehee, but some people prefer that one because it has loud sound, coming from the heavy, huge airpods like a donut.. it's good quality because the raw materials are coming from japan and taiwan, our product lines are
Microvibration motor, headphone, electrolytic capacitor, fdd parts assembly.. semiconductor company,(hai) hosokawa assembly inc., which owned by hoso san himself and passed the ISO'S standards.. (tuv)

Electronics, a consistent export leader, is projected to continue driving the export performance, with information technology playing the vital services and link as the trend moves towards the convergence of technology.

job jokesQ. Why is a BMW a banker’s favorite car?A. Because he can’t spell Porsche.

oh well, no worries. i decided to turn over a new leaf., no that's not what i mean, finally i got my profession changed..

if this post was a bit boring for you to read, spare a thought for me i had to work there:-)

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