Thursday, 1 November 2007

Hunt for rapist that has simply disappeared.....

"Dispute a intensive worldwide search and huge teams of investigates attempting to track down a rapist they have been unable to find him and it seems he has simply disappeared a police spokesman said that they have no leads and said that he may have gone into hiding but said they think it's possible he is a creature of habit and it is possible he might be closer than people think"

A TV news reporter showing a composite sketch of a rapist. ... poor news guy they do look so similar , People have their own perceptions on what are significant traits to differentiate one person from another. That is why an artist's sketch almost never looks like the intended individual if compared side by side, shame on a reader, I wonder if police investigated the reporter after watching the news?, wonderfully ironic.

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~*~princess jackie ~*~ said...

this is soo scary ate mel. waaaa.... buti nalang ndi ako nakatira sa states (feeling naman na may mangrerape.hahahah)