Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I'm sad to say that I was never really outspoken to show off my love for my Mum, I might not say it verbally, but deep inside I know I love her, and I was just being pain in the bum when I was younger, she was a cool hands on mum, I wish she was still alive for me to make up all the faults, shortcomings I've done in the past, and she see me how I have grown up and struggle then living now with flying colors, surely she must be happy for me for what I am now, I never had a clue how to live without a mum at younger age, perhaps her strength is within me, helping me to overcome the hardship of life, even on the darkest moments I knew she is there for me, if only I could turn back the time I should have told my mum as often as I can how much I love and cherished her, I hope that in time well be together again,
I really feel that if we live with the memory of people close in our hearts part of them lives on,
At the moment I am so in touch with my mother in law to be, we exchange text most of the time and I could say , she is the sweetest ugangan, Darlene ask me about this so thought I would write a bit in dedication to my Mum.


LadyJava said...

Ohh such a sweet post Mel :-).. I'm sure your mom would appreciate it.. and it is great that you are having a cool relationship with your future MIL as well :-)

God Bless

~*~princess jackie ~*~ said...

naku ate, ako everyday sinasabi ko yan ke mama. ke papa madalang lang.