Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A Day Out with friends.

Mylene, the giraffe., joke! She is a hands on mum and looking after to her new baby boy(norweigian).I could say she is the unpredictable one., she can still wear a smile even then she got problem inside., that's one thing i like about her CZ then there is not much point for us really to be drama drama he he., we hardly had sad moment because we can't help but just laugh each other, She surprised me earlier when she came round., this time i cant make up excuses, he he .. haven't seen her for awhile so in a way, it was a good surprise to see her, along with my other friend Lorie, We used to call her bangs, oops side bangs i mean he he.

but before Lorie came, mylene had fun playing the web of words, she didn't have a hard time making up a word in fact she was very good at it..wow I'm impressed! So then, we decided to eat somewhere after but hence there is a res to, nearby we just went there to get some drinks and sing for karaoke., it wasn't bad , the food is good even it's raining a bit..it's nice to know that there are people liked my company ,,I'm not really a boring person to be with :-),. though some times i can be a loner.. it's one good thing to socialize with friends that you trusted.,There maybe a times when we give a "cold shoulder " to each other but we managed somehow to sort our differences after!
we have things in common to enjoy so even when we have not seen each other for a while it's easy to get along... She always makes us laugh whenever we wind up , teased, and she say grow up girl's , Cheers!!!



i really envied this.i haven't been out w/ pinay friends here that has same age as me.

this is 1 of the things i miss most in the Phils.

Melody said...

never mind, anyway you're in the blogging world., sharing and exchanging ideas..it's nice still like that..you know what's the funny thing.. they're not really the same age as me, well kind of.. two of them were more taller and bigger than me.,hmm i'm only 2 years older than them, not that old yet...:-)

lotis said...

kagwapa sa mga babaye oi.... having much fun with ur friends.. lovely ladies :-)