Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Joke, Joke, Joke!!! Just for a laugh

The Staff Party

(Man staggers though the door late at night.)
Wife: Where the Hell have you been !!! what the Hell have you been doing all this time?
Man: I don't know what your problem is We had the staff party tonight I had to go all of my office mates were there, it would have been embarassing if I did'nt go.

Wife: Your completely Pissed again, your always drunk I have had enough of this!!!

Man: I'm not drunk I hardly drunk anything, why is it you always try and say that I'm drunk?

Wife: I will tell you why I think your drunk, How can you have office mates? you Don't even have a Job!!!!!!!!

The Dream

1st neigbor: What’s wrong with you today Jack, you look really sad is everything ok?
2nd neighbor:
Yeah I’m feeling a bit down, I had a dream last night I was on a paradise beach the sand was soft and fine and there were 20 sexy 18 year old girls that were going skinny dipping in the crystal clear warm sea.
1st neigbor: Well why are you sad then! That sounds like a fantastic dream?

2nd neigbor: Yeah you would think, But I was one of the Girls!

Thats it For Now, Joke for the Day:-)


lotis said...

theyre funny mel, hahahaha..
nahubog man diay tong banaha to, hahaha

Melody said...

yeah,it's only his big dillusion nga naa xa job hehe, nah. i once drunk before but can't remember anything as soon as i get sober.,