Saturday, 18 August 2007

Again, thanks lhot for this "tag thing", it's great,hope it's not yet too late to get this done., it helps to discover ourselves.. a little bit more.,

You have accomplished: able to help even a bit to some of my family, i had proved myself in the past that I'm self sufficient and can be a business woman
Disappointment: things i haven't done any thing yet..hayzzzzzzz sorry didn't mention it in particular
Where you spend your time on: on the PC., I'm just hogging most of the time Matty's PC, i got mine but few things missing, power pack,
You have neglected: not able to attend the ministry sometimes., hope I'm forgiven
You have collected: i get bored easily with things so i would say I'm not fond of collecting at all..
Item you take care of: i lost Revlon lip color sheer maybe because they were tiny., i learned to keep it safely by now CZ it's not worth buying again
Moment you were happy: I'm happy each day
Angry you've been: I'm to short temper, when im having hardtime looking up , things that are important to me
You have cried: i have cried silently for some reason..
Pain you've experienced: i cut my hands once for being clumsy , i felt also the pain from the story of love oiiiii nag emote c mama
You have been teased about: my back, mylene said, stand straight! cant help, it
Prettiest time you've felt: every now and then
Ugliest time you've felt: i dont look too good., because of stress., which cause to have an eye bugs, who would be? lol
You've been loved by: both sides, lovely families , to some people who seems to care
You loved: wonderful kapamilya, wondeful people
Word you used:" in the end of the day", which normally englis people would say. nahawa or na corrupt joke
Item you've used: ball pen, tapes, pen tel pen, etch..everyday
Food you made: pasta bolognese, quick and easy to cook
Amount you have spend in one time: oh, eaten out with mylene, Lorie and me but it was shared so it's o.k not much
You have spend on: mendrez bag, a gift for my sistah
You have screamed: i am screamer when i get too wind up
Game you have played: web of words, bowling games, mario 64 hehe mibalik ug kabata...

i would like to pass this tag to anyone excluding myself, loll it don't make sense...

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