Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Five things

  • I was tagged to do this five-things-tag by Lj, of LADYJAVA'S LOUNGE
  • 5 things found in my room:-
  • Vanity Mirror
  • Air Con
  • Queen size bed
    The other pc, yeah
  • 5 things I’ve always wanted to do:-
    Explore the world
    Ride Jetsky on my own, hehe
    Improve my singing skills, yuck!
  • I love to buy aksesorizes(metallic bling, etch)
    Be a mommy
  • 5 things found in my bag:-
  • Wallet
    Blush on
    Revlon Lipsheer
  • 5 things found in my wallet:-
    Cash on hand
  • SM advantage cards
  • ATM cards
    Coins, lol
  • 5 things I’m currently into:-
    Watching Pinoy Big Brother, Season 2
  • Online money making
    Chilling out with my friends
  • Learning new songs
    And I get to tag five people, right? Heheeheh , I want to tag:Darlene, Jackie, Francine, Nux, Cbenc12, batang buotan
  • So There.,Thanks to LJ

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Trinity said...

Melody, you've been tag.. :-) Here's the link :