Thursday, 15 November 2007

In the belly of the beast

Dr. Brady Barr - National Geographic Reptile Expert
I happened to watch National Geographic Channel launches a documentary about Dr Brady Barr who decided to dress up himself as a Crocodile to get right up next to the other crocodiles living in the wild! wow that's an alternative~hands on approach,

The “croc suit” consisted of a protective metal cage covered by a Kevlar shield, and topped off with a life like latex cape, It wouldn't fool most humans but he had to hope it would fool the crocodiles as he is going to crawl up to a group of wild Giant crocs.
He need to get near enough o attach a scientific device to their backs!
This apparently happen in the country of Tanzania,

The crazy thing he was able to breath inside the hot tight suit, the thermometer read 120 degrees inside his body (hell yah, bloody hot)gosh,
I find it really crazy for him to be short distance away from the numerous hazardous crocs as well as with the most dangerous animals in Africa, the Hippo.,

Luckily for him the other Giant crocodiles that were all around him decided to adopt him as part of there group and even crawled right up on top of him,
I find him brave really to do that but how was it worth to do such bold experiment.,
Just to get so close and to be able to put a scientific tracking devise on a crocodile while not disturbing it is truly death defying act. Indeed, it was a successful experiment lop around in the mud and "pretend" to be a crocodile how about you? would you dare and consider to try it?

I found this trailer for the program, I love it when he says "Today I AM a crocodile"

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