Thursday, 11 October 2007

NAME One Of Each

name one of each

1. a movie that made you laugh- Fun with dick and jane
2. a book that made you cry-
3. a best friend-just close friends, mylene, lorie, bernie
4. a favorite childhood memory-i'm fond fo singing since childhood
5. your favorite animal-dogs, i suppose
6. your favorite food-spicy foods, shabu shabu, steaks, sinabawang may tangad , hehehehe
7. an item of clothing you can't do without-metallic bling
8. something you collect-any kind of magazines, basta informative....i love to read
9. your favorite store to shop in- celine, mendrez, esp, petit monde
10. your favorite flower-tulips, roses
now, let me hear from jackie, francine, keeyit, darlene, cbenc12, ladyjava, mariuca, lotis

till next time...


keeyit said...

Sorry dear.. late for reply..
Will get this done soon..

LadyJava said...

hello there Melody..

Will get to this tag soon ya.. It's Hari Raya here so everything is sooo slow...heheh


Melody said...

hello to you both, it's o.k take your time, just had a long weekend, also, i think because of ramadan too:-)

keeyit said...

I have done this.. :)
Check out my blogspot..