Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Beauty Rest

I have frequent awakenings during the night lately which is a sign of sleeping disorder i guess or commonly called as insomia, kc nagigising ako ng maaga, then mahirap bumalik ng tulog, working during the day and try to catch up on fun during the night-drinking, pigging out, blogging lol-not giving a damn if we get enough sleep or not.
So if anyone of you notice some disturbances in your sleeping patterns, there's no better time to treat them but now. wag nang hintayin lumaki ang eyebag(like i do huhuhu), If you feel that youre irritated and unenergetic the next day., its because the lack of sleep, gives you stress lead you to headaches, and your appetitie, or food intake is also affected.
Read up and get yourself some of that very essential "beauty rest"

*Try to sleep when you are drowsy(doh, pano minsan nag bloghoppe pah hehhe)
*Have a regular rise time and sleeping time
*Keep alrm clocks and cellphones away from bed(nah kaya nga naka silent mode ang phone.,)
*Avoid napping during daytime.
*Avoid caffeine, alcoholic beverages, and also avoid large meals, light snack before bedtime can help promote sound sleep.,(dati rati kc natutulog meng gutom, pag pagod nah sa work, pero nagigising din during the night para kumain., and can't go back to sleep anymore)


.: jackie :. said...

naku ate, have u tried counting sheeps from 1-100? that's way better. hehe

keeyit said...

I also quite sensitive with caffeine. If I drink coffee or tea after lunch, I sure cannot sleep well on that night :P