Wednesday, 10 October 2007

McDonald's gets fried in court...

Employee Says She Was Forced To Undress In Kentucky Restaurant As Part Of a Hoax Call
A US jury awarded $6.1 million Friday to a employee who said she was forced to strip in a McDonald's back office.

In the lawsuit, she said someone called the restaurant in Mount Washington impersonating a police officer and gave a description of a young, female employee, accusing her of stealing from a customer. The caller instructed an employee to strip search the woman, according to testimony.Ogborn was forced to undress, endure a strip search, and to perform sexual acts, the lawsuit said. The events were captured on surveillance video, which was shown to jurors during the trial.
Ogborn accused the company of negligence leading up to the events in April 2004, when she was detained for 3 1/2 hours.

The jury also awarded $1.1 million to a former assistant manager who strip-searched Ogborn.
Louise Ogborn, 21, had sued McDonald's Corp., claiming the fast-food giant failed to warn her and other employees about the caller who already struck other McDonald's stores and other fast-food restaurants across the country.
Ogborn had been seeking $200 million. McDonald's Corp. attorneys argued the company was not responsible and contended the company was being sued because of its deep pockets.
Ogborn hugged relatives after the verdict was read.
McDonald's is evaluating whether to appeal the decision, a spokesman said.
"While we are disappointed with the verdict, we remain vigilant in our efforts to protect our employees and provide them with a safe and respectful workplace," said William Whitman, a spokesman for McDonald's USA.

A former assistant manager, Donna Summers, was placed on probation for a misdemeanor conviction in relation to the incident. Her former fiance, Walter Nix Jr., is serving five years in prison for sexually abusing Ogborn during the 3 1/2-hour search.
A Florida man, David Stewart, was charged with making the hoax phone call but acquitted last summer. Police have said the calls stopped after Stewart's arrest.

In my opinion the whole thing seems very strange, I'm not sure who is more stupid the people involved in the incident or the jury for finding McDonald's liable,

Is it possible that the whole thing was one big set up for the payout? What do you think? let me hear from YOU!


Darlene said...

woi i saw this long tima ago mel sa new diri yeah i saw the footage,it's not the macdonald's company's fault though it's the manager employee who's got live in partner that is so nasty & idiot,they both idiot anyway.
Poor girl she was being molested.

Melody said...

yeah, thanks darl, mc donald's just found liable on friday

Anonymous said...

this is insanely inhumane. ghad, when will this people learn?

i bet one factor of this news is for publicities' sake.