Monday, 17 September 2007

What Makes You A Real Beauty

Having white skin is the desire of a lot of Asian women ,I'm not even an, some just wanted injectable or taking whitening pills but because of the problem choosing which among products are genuine or not, its very to know the difference of a genuine or counterfeit products. Met TATHIONE l-glutathione dietary supplement whitening pill, A perfect example of an authentic L- glutathione, they say its no harmful effects and its therapeutic for stress ,with bfad reg., it assure of genuine whitening prducts., what do you think?

I got a fair skin and I'm not going to devote my lifetime trying to be white.people should stop being so racist and not judge people depending on the color of their skin. dark skin is equally beautiful, if people were to put the amount of time and energy to trying to achieve lighter skin into your other parts of your life then you would be a much happier person. these little things in life are unnecessary. yes, we all would love to appear pretty, but maybe the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder really is true. none of u want to turn out like Michael Jackson, do u? If you are simply frustrated with the way your skin is and want to be lighter or darker than it's up to you to take your next step. The worse thing a person can do is to to use any harmful things to lighten/darken your complexion, stay on the safe side and you are fine.I think people who are naturally tan are lucky because that is the skin tone that all the people in west are dying to have the people in England can burn their skin sitting in the sun to long to get tans or get fake tans sprayed all year round to look brown! be happy how god made you.

just concentrate on being fit n healthy.

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Your Sense of Humor makes you a real beauty

Melody, your Sense of Humor makes you a real beauty
That's right, funny girl — you like nothing better than a hearty chuckle to feel better. Laugh lines? Who cares? A sweet and witty woman like you knows that staying young and looking your best is all about the good times you have along the way.An optimist at heart, you're the friend people come to when they need cheering up. Sure, you take important things seriously, but you also know how to look on the bright side and lighten up difficult situations. And there's nothing funny about that. Keep it up!

What Makes You a Real Beauty?


.: jackie :. said...

for me, real beauty doesn't depend on what make up u wear, what dress you buy and how expensive those items are. Granted na you're beautiful but then, people may not like you if you have a beasty attitude. meaning, you're matapobre, mayabang, childish and all. Meaning, your attitude simply reflects on the physical beauty that was vested on you.

Melody said...

thanks dhang, very well said., what else can i say? you spot it on..,