Sunday, 16 September 2007

Party In Style

Dress In Style
When it comes to style, I'm not really fussy, i just like classic colors, simple silhouette with funky twists., now i learned to wear trousers again, CZ before I'm wearing miniskirts with tattered hem, which i think fits in me CZ I'm long legged.,heehaw bighead:-)
I love fashion, so i keep myself updated, but most of the time, i just like comfortable clothes., I'm eager to know what the trends are but then i don't want to get overboard.,i like new stuff, but I'm also sensible in buying., i just try to mix it up with my basic., i dream to shoppe in hongkong, maybe sooner or later., CZ i think they have so much of funky stuff that can stand by itself, or that you can mix with accessories.,, here, at the moment,., is guess, or in trendy boutiques, Petit Monde shoppe.

My Eating Habits
I starve myself sometimes that's why I'm craving to eat lots after, i noticed i gain weight because of that, so now, i eat when I'm hungry, and i stop when I'm full., wish i try not to overeat.ill be good to myself from now on.

Gimmick Nights
I prefer., to just have a nice dinner, try out a new restaurant with a bottle of wine, having nice conversations with Matt or with my friends sometimes, or even watch a new movie., I usually go to greenbelt , pop in there to have a coffee/tea with Matt., I used to go out a lot before, but when i think it comes with my age., I'm better off to just to be a homebody sometimes.,when it comes to trying out some food for a new res to., i splurge once in a while., or we must be a good dinner and wine.,

What I Wear
I go out depends on my mood. sometimes I'll wear shorts/skirts with a nice top to cover it. Something comfy but then stylish as well, A fresh, simple, dewy make up i usually wear

there you have it.,Now who am I going to tag? Hm mm…
Darlene, lotis, raine, Francine, keeyit, Jackie? hehehe:-)


Darlene said...

Pasensya na mel i'm having trouble with sleeping lately.That's why i'm kinda messed up.Abi nakog tag to nako akong gi commentan ang imo man diay to tubag lol i'm out of my mind really.My apology.I guess i need to see a doctor before this thing get worse.

.: jackie :. said...

hi there mel.

what i wear? fashionable yet comfy. I don't wear tops or bottoms which actually stops me to breathe. I'm a chubby person and whether I like it or not, impression has to take place. But, I do wear what I think others can't.. I mean in my sense. I just do it and I don't care about those braggers out there who gags with what I'm wearing and stuff.Basta, what I wear is who i am.

And oh, when I started working in the comnpany where I am now, I started to heart wearing slacks and corporate tops. Kaya sometimes na aadopt ko na xa sa casual world ko.ahihhihi.. useful din pala.

So there ;)

Melody said...

thanks dear, how about make up for everyday?

keeyit said...

Hi dear,

Interesting tags.
Will get it done soon ya =)