Saturday, 22 September 2007

Things I Really Didn't Want to Hear

  • Thanks to francine,This got me thinking So lets go through some things I dont want to hear:
  • When a non sense txt messages wakes me up.,- that's why sometimes i put it in silent mode.,unless if its important then it's not a problem, mum's is an exception because of the time diffrence:-)
  • You dressed too simple.(puriin ba ang sariling bangko?),When somebody comes up to me crying and say., huhuhu., why is he treating me this way i did everything., yet he is so abusive(alam mo nang inaabuso ka., tanga tanga ka kc)
  • When a person trying to talk to me consistently., esp., if he/she dont know how to listen., (sorry, but i find it annoying)
  • When a person is moaning and is too you all the hassle for you to listen and you get stressed because of it, grhhhhhh
  • Sorry if i didnt make it to come over in your birthday party, i suppose to buy you a gift then i didnt lol.( well, are you invited in the first place? heheh)
  • When he/she make a promise but no real intention to make it., , ( let me sing a song, You say it best,When you say nothing at all.,)
  • Hey i dont know how to make a turkey sandwich/can you fix this or something like that(help yourself., or you can ask god lol
  • When a person is singing nasty lyrics and too offensive
  • I forgot my towel, can you grab it for me?
  • I’m completely unpredictable when people look at me the wrong way
  • You look so much younger now then you do on web-cam before
  • I hate to hear if somebody is swearing such as dumbitch, f*** o**,
  • oh well so it goes.Now let me hear, from jackie, keeyit, darlene, raine and lotis:-)


keeyit said...

My dear, I have done this previously..
Check out here..

cbenc12 said...

ahh i hate ppl who keep talking non stop too.. like a radio.. lol~