Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sorority, A Parent's Dilemma

It's been the hottest issue here in the p.i which caused death of numerous member of the said group., fraternity means brotherhood, hmm i'm not quite sure about this, recently one of the media showed the actual video of how this brotherhood works., slapping, kicking, oh is that how they caught benifits from it, sounds like, a group of gangs that acts wildly,kjh..during the initiation of the new member i seen them giving spank on the face, and paddle in the butt.,whowhoahhhh., why do they let this happen? why do they need to suffer from the bruises which might caused them so much pain and sometimes even death, I wonder what posion runs in there veins, I noticed that the kind of activity this group exist were from some of the most the presitigious schools/universtiy, I was saddened especially to see how the parents wept, the loss of such a promising young students, When someone is badly hurt or dies, all the “manly” virtues disappear and fratmen turn back into the cowardly boys that they really are. It is terrible to be killed by one’s they called friends and brothers. I never heard hazing practices when I went to college in university of manila., think they prohibited such horrible activity.


.: jackie :. said...

before, sororities and fraternities were known KAPATIRAN lang tlga. But then generation change and it it turned out to be worst than ever.

Poor parents who just hoped for the diploma of their children..tsk.

i feel u.

.: jackie :. said...

correction: single 'it' and 'as' before the kapatiran word.

shame on me. ang lame ko tlga sa typing.hehehe.