Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Image Of The Week

What all road construction signs should read

Instead of "merge left" or "road construction ahead", most of us translate those signs into "you'll never get to work on time, haha!". i find this funny, how bout u?


keeyit said...

Traffic jam will make us headache and irritating. This kind of signboard can enlighten our day to work.. Take it easy, no need to rush for work! Haha..

Anonymous said...

haha.. this is so cool. what if this are the exact texts in our MMDA signboards in PI? hahaha.. maraming magpapatayan.nyahahhahaa!

Melody said...

hi key & jackie.,yeah.,this sign take the pissed esp., when you find yourself, stuck in the middle of the road., but its funny in a way :-)