Sunday, 9 September 2007

Apple iphone

Mobile phones have truly come so far., not long ago , there were only a few people that had them top business men and show offs, the were so big they came in there own suitcase and you need to carry it around and the battery was huge, and heavy and the aerial was massive

They could do little more then make a very expensive call if you were lucky, how things have changed now every one and there dog has a mobile phone and with the new smart phones like the Nokia Nseries it really is like have a PC in your pocket I just bought an N70 silver I really like the figure of the phone i'm not that attracted with slide ones.,, matt just sent a message to my cbox in my blog using it, but now they are getting even more hi-tec the Apple iphone was launched in the US a few months back and has pushed the world of mobile phones even further, there are absolutetly no buttons on the phone and it is all touch screen it even uses new two finger touch technology and you can make picture or webages zoom in just by pinching your fingers on the screen, the phone is also an ipod and you can scroll though your songs or albums by just running your finger along the screen. there is so much else that you can do that it would take ages to write here put if you have not seen it already take a quick look at the video below.

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.: jackie :. said...

nice one mel!

sabi ko when new gadgets were advertised sa tv: " i wouldn't miss this for the world!" but when I suddenly bought myself a N95 phone and an iPod video, parang na realize ko na things that I crave are not necessities at all. luho na xa. hehe.

I guess having my gadgets are enuf for me.

pag inuwi mo iPhone sa pinas, naku po. Parang u brought urself in an opened casket.