Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Great Day

Yesterday was a great day for me, Me and Mylene decided to go to cabalen., primarily for it's eat -all- you -can buffet,.hehe sounds like lots of food laid on the long table,. to my surprise she just pick some ponngok eggplant /halaya to herself, . vegetarian ba? hehe..well., they had a great service, great food., that makes my day. i took a pic from my phone of her., she is one of the many that is scared to get fat., nag dieta gurl., that's my dream to gain weight well this place fits for me hehheh

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.: jackie :. said...

congrats sa new domain! eyelavet!

Cabalen's soooo effin great when it comes to eat-all-u-can-no-dine-out (<--hahaha.) food. i remember when I graduated college,nilibre nila ako d2 and oh boy, i was so dhang full. missing it!

sana may cabalen d2 :(