Tuesday, 25 September 2007

You Make Me Smile Award:-)

Today, was such a great day but what a headache.:-( anyways., Francine and Ladyjava handed me this You Make Me Smile Award , ., I'm happy to know that this blog was awarded and i'm proud to put the badge on display, it's such a great feeling that i could bring joy to yours! it was very sweet both of you! You gals make me smile too!
These are the blogs that definitely tickle me when i'm reading their posts

Jackie- For making me smile every single day, I couldn't resist giving this to you as it is so true, you make me smile all the time dearie
Keeyit-Your posts always make me chuckle.
Ladyjava-She is my new aquiantance and some of her posts really make me smile, cheers
Batang buotan-Most of your posts really made me smile:-)
Francine- Right back at ya:-) thanks for making me smile by giving this award, it was such a great feeling!
Have fun passing on the smile.Have an awesome day!


batang buotan said...

it flatters me.. thank you very much, this also makes me smile.. its great to think that everybody smiles..

.: jackie :. said...

this is sooo sweet of u. u made me blush. u make me smile more. stay sweet sissy ;)

keeyit said...

so sweet dear.. you make me smile too =)