Saturday, 29 September 2007

I'm Such A Yellow Label Tea Freak

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coffee time?

are you coffee addicted? tea addicted? I am a yellow label addict.
how many cuppas per day? i usually have it if i can't stop myself from pigging out., hehehe
black, cream, with sugar, without sugar? how do you take it? fresh cow milk, one teaspoon sugar. will do:-)

till next time...
As I was started writing, i was assaulted by evening hunger pangs ., i usually have my snack between meals, but it don't mean im being matakaw, I've gobbled up a cupcake , well that's enough for me enough for me ., .Good thing i always keep a bag of yellow tea., ,tea keeps unreasonable cravings at bay., and it has a antioxidants that green/yellow label tea naturally has. yeah i'm such a tea freak.,but can you blame me? how about you?


.: jackie :. said...

i feel u ate mel.ahihihi.. i used to be a yellow label addict too. but then when my stomach started aching and all, i assumed that im suffering from gastric blahs.kaya my mom said na stop drinking it na or if i wanted to go on diet, wag ko da biglain.hahaha..

henaku sis, alam mo ba im suffering from molar pain? out of plan, nagpabunot kami nila mama ng ipin ko kagabi and the pain's killing me! waaaa.. upto now. kaya niblog ko nalang. :(

howdy ate mel? i hope ure doing fine. ok lang yan. midnight snack. go go go. enge ako ha? ahihihi :D

keeyit said...

I love the smell of the coffee.. BUT unfortunately, I cannot take it as I can't sleep at night :P