Friday, 28 September 2007

Oh My, Another Awards

It is always great when you get something nice from someone. Two days ago, I saw Francine left me a message asking me to claim my award from her, just yesterday, Darlene left me a dropping hint message, nakaka thrill di ba? . Wondering what award it could be and this is what I got from her - I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I love yours too. I do not know what to tell these beautifel ladies apart from thank you and I love your blog too. Now, i can't wait to share *love for my favourite bloggers*
1. Jackie
2. keeyit
3. ladyjava
4. cbenc12
5. batang buotan
6. mariuca


LadyJava said...

Oh that is so sweet...

Thanks so much for the award. Much appreciated...heheh.. another award for the the "awards corner"

Muahhhssssss! Love your blog as well..

Mariuca said...

Hola Melody, I'm pleasantly surprised and am so pleased u chose me to pick for this award! It's nice to have met you and I hope we can be good blog buddies! Thanks so much!
Love n Hugs for u! :):):)

.: jackie :. said...

im so speechless ate mel. i really don't know what to say. alam mo u always keep on mentioning me sa blog mo and that is so flattering. thank you so much.

you're a good person ate mel. kaya u deserve good people around u. we love you ate.

wait for my surprise ;)

keeyit said...

I go this award also ! Hehe.. Thanks for giving me this.. LOVE IT so much !

And I love your blog too :)