Saturday, 1 September 2007

Singin' In The Rain

(this photo was taken in my friend's house,..)
I went to david salon yesterday, i just thought to have a blow dry coz i felt like my hair is too frizzy but then the hairstylist suggested to put my hair in curlers for hours, but it doesn't curl too well., well i give it a try then it turned out just the way i wanted.,i used to wear also an eyelash extension but i wasn't able to kept it too long With lash extensions, what they are doing is taking a lash and actually bonding it onto your own lash It really looks better than mascara. So then my friend txt me to come over in another friend's house coz she is going to give me something, then i ask her whats that for, it's not my birthday she said im not giving this because its your birthday, you know just a present or something.hmmm"nice top" , sweet of her.,.,

it's just shame i dont have the chance to have a photo mysel f with my curly hair it was back straight now oh well. , it' feels good to stay gorgeous even it's pouring outside


.: jackie :. said...

wow nagpaparlor. ahihihi ;)

last thursday i also went to the salon and i let them fix my hair. sobrang haba na upto the extent na hanggang bewang na xa.. so there. ;)

keeyit said...


I tagged you on the "10 questions about me"..

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