Friday, 31 August 2007


Where is your cell phone? on charge lol
Your hair? long and straight
Work? "own biz"
Your sister/s? she is online right now, shirley/vangie/virgie/els
Your favorite thing? make up collections
Your dream last night? hardly remember but weird
favorite drink? tequila hehehe
Your dream car? Lamborghini
room you’re in? living room
Your shoes? nike shox grhhh
Your fears? creepy crawlies
What do you want to be in 10 years? stable and happy
Who did you hang out with this weekend? friends
What are you not good at? dancing
One of your wish list items? travel around europe
Where you grew up? davao city
Last thing you did? in the loo:-)
What are you wearing? nothing..joke trouser and a sleeveless
What aren’t you wearing? earrings.., i lost it ahuuuh
Your pet? none
Your computer? the model? hmmm let me check lol
Your life? lovely
Your mood? glad
Missing? longing to come back soon in my hometown
What are you thinking about right now? ice cream
Your car? taxicab., get it?
Your kitchen? messy
Your summer?summer here has ended.,
Your favorite color? black and white
Last time you laughed? last night , were drunk
Last time you cried? the other day , just pissed off
School? University of Manila

That’s it. Thanks again, francine for starting off this Meme.

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