Sunday, 26 August 2007

O.C ka ba?

"Obsessive Compulsive Disorder"

We might not be aware that we have this kind of illness, it could be good or bad i think, coz they might misinterpret it like maarte or matapobre

The person affected may experience thoughts being 'pushed' through their mind that they would normally never think (completely against their true nature), or they may experience a strong pulling on their thoughts in a certain direction.

three of the most common are:

repeated washing of the hands

excessive cleaning or arranging of household items,

continual checking of door locks, light switches and the cooker.

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.: jackie :. said...

haha.. with regards to the light switches and gas range, my mom is plead guilty to that. haha.. we should make tipid daw coz not everyone are blessed with these things. mga ganun ba..ahihhi....

ako naman sa phone bill.hahah.. i usually check the balance then if i know na it exceeded ill stop na. nyahahaha! ;)