Friday, 7 September 2007

Rewards...Why Not???

I have been blogging around three months now and still hoping to get a decent traffic lol AS I am occupied working some of my time, I learned a lot of things, like widgets, etc. although my passion for writing isn't that great plus i never used to define myself as a writer coz I'm more into of singing ...i started off writing about random things, that's why the idea of my title came out to be xccentric, which spelled correctly like eccentric, but anyway, things change constantly, when i have new acquaintances because i dig my head in useful information; and because of that, I'm more inspired and of course there is nothing wrong to give compliment back to the ones., who have confidence to unleash their passion for writing:

Ms. Jackie,

She is flexible enough to handle problems, there is one certain posts that proves how clever she is, dealing people in everyday that she work with..It was great to learn more about the person behind blog. and i hope to know her may years to come.,Jackiebaby simply rocks.


She is not only beautiful but incredibly intellegent too., Her depth of the love of the Lord and her family never ceases to amaze me. i never forget our fellowship few years back.,No matter the distance i know we are life-long friends,. she even reached out to help me fix when i got problems with my lay out before ., she brilliantly rocks!

Lovely Darlene

The outcome of her blog, tells that she is a loving hands on mum and a caring wifey, and also to the people that matter to her, on the other hand, She is passionate about her realtionship with her family and you may see that in her blog, the most lovely person that i would come across


i've known her couple months ago, she seems to be an honest person, thats why i admire her, undeniably pretty as well., Finding nice things in a nice blog owned by a nice lady...NICE MATTERS!

Keeyit /Francine

My new AQuiantances

Check out their pages guys, surely you wouldnt want to miss one of their posts.,

All of you have brought a true meaning and perspective of friendship..,You may now
throw this out to even more deserving bloggers


Darlene said...

Wooaaaah!I'm speechless Mel!I love what you said about me lol!Thank you,thank you so much!You know what? Friend like you is hard to find,so i'm gonna keep you forever as friend.
Hope to get to know you more as years go by.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much mel. i really don't know what to say and im half speechless. ;)

thank you tlga. ewan ko ba, bigla akong naligaw sa blogworld. before it was just a past time but then when I felt and realized that I could write pala, i decided to continues writing these things. Good thing you're one of those na napapasaya ko. sana kahit papano natututo din kayo sa mga lessons ng buhay ko..

maraming salamat mel ha ;)

Anonymous said...

*continue pala. deymn. eto na naman ang error-sickness ko sa typing. argh! so embarassing.

anyways, i hope ure having a great day there. God Bless you Mel and your family :D

Francine said...

WOOOOOWWWW!!! sure ka melody na deserving ko ani nga award? hehehe im so touched. i cant imagine na im a rocking girl diay. thanks very much