Wednesday, 5 September 2007

What Is Your Color Personality

Just having my midnight snack., lol i'm staying up late again., anyways, this meme has started floating around , and darlene tagged me, so here goes:

What color is your personality?

Your personality is yellow!

I bet your smiling right now! Thats because your such a cheerful and enthusiastic person! You love to look on the bright-side of life, and are optimistic. Ocassionally you can get rather hyper and anxious though.

Personality Test Results

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thanks darl, the results seem fairly accurate:-) so now i'm passing it to, keeyit


Darlene said...

Wow Mel i love your result i just can tell that it's really true,you know i'm some kinda psychic lol!But seriously i can tell by a person if she/he or good or not by how she deliver words from her mouth even here in blogging world.As i see in you that you are very educated person & gentle to your friends,i'm glad i found you here as my friend.Godbless MEL.

Melody said...

i felt the same way, are one of my friends list, and you makes this blogging world a better place because you exist, i would not have met you in real life, without the internet!

.: jackie :. said...

wow mel. i love the result. yellow is me. me and yellow intertwine. selosa kxe akong tao. ahihihi..

thanks for sharing this meme to your readers. keep on posting and we're always here to support your wonderful blogsite ;)

God Bless my co-Geminian! :D

keeyit said...

Thanks for tagging me. I have done this..

Check out at

Guess what color I should get before visit my site ya =P

Melody said...

hello there, my first pick was purple, then blue., either of the two:-) got to check now yours...