Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Amazingly Touch

I haven't had a facial for long time but i thought to share my experience before of my simple warts treated by amazing touch .. It was awkward for me to face people with those warts around my eyes.,they had grown on my face near to my eyes and began to multiply at first I tried not too pay much attention to them., but then got fed up and one time i tried to roam round looking for dermatologists for a consultant., i was aware and scared of the laser treatment thing., thats why i took the oppurtunity to get treated in natural procedures., it was called " rcc amazing touch" itself. its the extract of cashew nuts or kasoy that cure.. it started off first session, then second, then the last session was just to make sure that it was cleared and it dont leave me a mark or scar., oh, it's worth the money, after all it helps to feel good about yourself.
I know natural cures my be hard to belive in, it was even hard for me to belive myself but it really did work for me.
It's amazing, indeed!

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.: jackie :. said...

how i wish that kind of natural treatment is rendered here in Doha. Hehehe.. but i promised myself naman that ill pamper myself with derma treatments when I take my vacay in PI. Arab people doesn't really know the exact goal for facial cares e. scary. ;)

good thing u tried it. ill try it when I take my vacay. ;)