Wednesday, 21 November 2007

It's not just Fred Flintstone that has a wooden car

Many of you have probably seen the cartoon The Flintstones were Fred Flintstone has a wooden car that he drives with his feet,

However one man from the Ukraine took this a step further and has made his own real wooden car, he is obviously a man of vision but And apparently, he is also a man of double vision as he has built it as two cars in one,
One half is a topless old fashion style and the other half seem to be a more modern style that looks to me a bit like a Mercedes,

It must of took so much time and work to build but apparently the man who made it called Vasily Lazarenko can only very occasionally take the car out for a drive as the wooden vehicle isn't registered.
I wonder how many miles he gets per gallon it must be really heavy.

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