Friday, 19 October 2007

Classic Horror for Halloween

Some of these films have been around for a while but if you have not seen them yet they are definitely worth watching especially with it being so close to Halloween.

The Exorcist
There is nothing dated about The Exorcist,
which remains very scary more than 25 years after it was first unveiled to the public.
Scare-o-meter score

28 Days Later
Super fast zombies and a gripping action packed story with a nice twist.

Scare-o-meter score

Halle Berry is Fantastic in this Horror,
Suspense, Thriller one of my favorite
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The Blair Witch Project
Low on budget, high on terror!

Scare-o-meter score

Halloween H20
Well it is Halloween.

Scare-o-meter score

If you have any films that you watched lately that really scared you please leave a comment and let me know.


~*~princess jackie ~*~ said...

hi ate mel!

im fond of watching horror films. this is a a good list ha. in all fairness scary tlga.

napanood ko na ung gothika and ung the exorcist. ill try renting the other films u suggested ;)

Melody said...

hala pareho pala tau, mahilig sa horror films,
halle berry is really a good actress in gothika:-)

LadyJava said...

I love exorcist though I can't say the same for gothika though.